Materials & Jewelry care


14K gold contains 58.5% gold and 41.5% alloy and is usually the most popular choice. 14K contains a greater percentage of gold, is durable, lighter and softer in color. It is one of the best options to consider in the realm of fine jewelry.

14K Gold care guide

We make our jewelry with the highest quality 14K gold. We make your jewelry to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear, yet fine jewelry is delicate and should be handled with love and care to maximize the life of the pieces. While our gold pieces are made to be worn every day, a little extra care will go a long way. Try to reduce direct exposure to chemicals, perfume, beauty products, makeup, oil, etc.

Gently brush with a soft toothbrush to remove any imbedded dirt. To clean your gold jewelry, wash it gently with mild soap and warm water. Rinse with care, allow it to dry with a soft dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid using any polish or abrasive cleaning agents on your jewelry, as it may contain harsh chemicals that could likely damage your jewelry.

How to store your jewelry

Always store your 14K jewelry pieces in a dry area. Place them individually, so that they don’t rub against each other, scratch or tangle. Be sure to close any clasps before putting your pieces away.