Fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to environmental impact and climate change. And the time is NOW, for us to collectively act on it and bring about a change that is long due. It is a long road ahead, and we want to bring about a change today.

We at ADROIT believe that beauty does not lie solely in the product, but it lies in the overall process. Our aim is to stay true to our overall mission of creating sustainable, timeless pieces without affecting our environment.

We are on a journey to create a brand that truly cares about the people, planet and product. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and make better choices wherever we can to minimize environmental impact, and do our bit to create a beautiful world for our future generation.

We want to make our process as transparent as possible, so you know and feel good about the way we make your jewelry.


    We believe that along with sustainability in production, there must also be sustainability in consumption and we aim to achieve that through our thoughtful designs that help you style one piece in different ways. This solves the problem of overconsumption and reduces confusion. We are staunch advocates of ‘Less is more’ and aim to design products that could be used and reused in different ways without even telling that it is the same piece!


    We only partner with factories that are highly skilled in their craftsmanship and ensure safe working conditions of their employees, pay them fair wages and always uplift them. We also make sure that they meet the global standard of responsible production and commit to doing their best to reduce damage to the environment. All our manufacturing partners are either RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council); Jewelry industry's best practice body or Fair Trade Certified.


    We have embraced minimal packaging, which is still exquisite and enticing. We produce all our packaging with eco-friendly materials and do not use any single-use plastic.


    We tie up with major logistics partners who are committed towards reducing carbon footprint and we ship direct to consumer, thus reducing touchpoints in the process.


    We balance our consumption of newly mined and recycled materials to support the employment of miners. We only use mined gold which is Fairtrade gold, i.e., responsibly mined by small-scale miners.

This is just the beginning and we are on a journey to do so much more. We are working hard every day to get a step ahead in our sustainability journey.

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