Aneri and Kunal founded ADROIT, a brand that reflects who they are, what they believe in, and what they live for. With the love for the finer things in life; art, culture, fashion, exploration and community, this brand is a translation of this shared passion. Through ADROIT, they want to take you on a journey with them and evoke a sense of self-expression by way of jewelry. Being ardent travelers, they draw inspiration from their travels, experiences and their own journey!

Aneri and Kunal were born and raised in India with strong cultural roots and a belief in giving back and doing good for the community. Kunal, being a third generation of a jewelry family in India, experienced the intricacies of jewelry manufacturing at an early age. Owning fine jewelry is a big part of the Indian culture and Aneri has been a fine jewelry collector since very early on, and has an eye for jewelry and design.

Their yin and yang personality complement each other perfectly (both in life and work), with Aneri being the creative and artistic mind at ADROIT and Kunal bringing his strategic business experience to the table! They are true partners in crime, business, life and travel!

“Our pieces are classic and contemporary that can instantly elevate and evolve as you go and add that oomph to your look!” – Aneri