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Gravity Danglers (Wear 3 ways) - 14K Solid Gold

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    Comes as a pair of long and short gravity dangler earrings that can be worn in 3 different styles:

    1. Long and short danglers together 
    2. Short dangler only  
    3. Long and short danglers turned upwards with a stud
    4. Get creative and style different elements from the set with any of our other products or with your own pieces too

    We want you to have something for every mood by mixing and matching with a single set! We want to leave you spoilt for choice, all while using a single set and saving your hard-earned bucks. Now that’s what we call a win-win. 

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    105mm (Length)


    Our pieces are handcrafted in Italy with 14K solid gold that are made to last forever. You can wear and enjoy your 14K gold jewelry every day as it will not lose color.